T-Shirt Head Band

I finally had time to craft! And not only did I craft, it didn’t cost me a penny. Gotta love using things you already having and repurposing it. The project that I worked on was a strechy head band made out of T-shirt material. I got the idea from Pinterest, yet again. You use a five string braiding method to create a wide but flat head band. Here is the picture I used as inspiration:

And here is the finished product I made:

What you’ll need:

  • Old T-shirt or other item of clothing
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors


First start by cutting five pieces of fabric, roughly the same width and length. I cut my pieces about an inch and a half wide. You want to make sure that the length is longer than your head because some of the length is taken up in braiding. I meaured my fabric strips so that they wrapped around my head one and a half times. Next, stack all five pieces on top of each other and sew at the end. Separate the strips out and begin braiding! If you want to learn how to do the five string brading method, click here. Make sure you are on a flat surface whiel braiding and you may want to stick a glass or can on the end of your fabric to keep it in place. After you have reach a desired braid length, sew the ends together like you did at the beginning of the braid. Continue by sewing the two ends together so a complete circle is made. Finally, wrap a small piece of fabric around the seam where the two ends connect and using very small stiches, sew over the seam. And that’s it! While I was creating my head band I followed these instructions which really helped because there are pictures for every step. I high encourage you to follow them in addition to mine.


  • It may take a try or two before you get the braiding method down. Don’t get discouraged! I really think the brading demo in the link I attached helps because it had each string in a different color.
  • If you are not a sewer you can always use fabric glue instead of stitching.
  • To change the width of your band, play with the width of the the fabric strips. The smaller the strip width, the small your head band width will be.

What’s great about these is that you can pick whatever width and color you want. You just got to find an old T-shirt or something that doesn’t fit any more! I will definitely be making more of these since I love hair accessories.


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